Efficient Musings

Death should be a choice! Just like everything else is!


That line above, that was pretty dope! And irrational. And childish. What do you mean?

Okay, I get you. See, in the process of evolution the only goal of any living species is to survive. And they do that by adapting themselves to the changes around their environment. Those who adapt, survive. Those who don't, perish (Also luck plays a role, but that's for another FAQ). And the easiest way for a species to adopt themselves is reproduction. Because you see, adoption is more internal than external. It involves gene changes, body structure changes & what not.

Jump to 21st century, Home Sapiens have figured out a way to change things externally to adapt themselves to some extent and are figuring out how to take adoption to the next ultimate level via internal manipulations. And we are about reach a stage, where reproduction is not necessary anymore to adapt to changing environments. Agivity is an attempt to accelerate that very process.

Okay, I'm still skeptical of this! But what is it that you are actually planning to do?

The aim of Agivity is two-folds - 1) to keep human body healthy for a long period of time (def. long period: 100s-1000s of years, if not more), along with an easy & safe process of fixing back the body when that time period is about to end, and 2) to adapt human body to various environmental conditions (think conditions on deep oceans, Moon, Mars, Saturn etc).

Well, I'm still not convinced!

One of the most intellectual personalities of our generation — @balajis — resonated the same thoughts in a more articulated way. Go check it out.

Interesting! And how do you think you'll do that?

I don't know. Yet! Still figuring this out. This is currently just in an ideation/exploration phase right now and, most probably, will be in this phase for a long time.

Okay fine! Is there anything I can do to help you achieve this faster?

Yes, please! I'm looking for you. You can help in many ways. First of all, if you are interested in solving this problem, do reach out. And it would be icing on the cake if you are are already working on anything related to longevity! :) Or if you know anyone who tinkers with human body & its cells, please do connect them with me. Or the simplest one - share this FAQ page with others, so that more people get to know about this!

Sure! Is there anyone else working with you on this?

Well, no! Though, @shilpa9a has been a great partner-in-crime in this process.

Cool! One last thing, how did the word "Agivity" come about?

Well, Agivity is an amalgamation of two words - age and longevity. So, there you go.