Efficient Musings

Chief Experience Officer

No matter what startup I start, I know what my title is going to be - Chief Experience Officer!

I want everyone to have the best & the happiest experiences interacting with me or the company. It doesn't matter what kind of interaction it is. Users interacting with our products, potential users interacting with our website, team members interacting with each other, anyone externally interacting with anyone in the team, & if possible, to whatever extent, users interacting with users.

Everyone should feel so much positivity or happiness after interacting with us, whenever the next conversation they have with any other person after interacting with us, they should subconsciously just pay the positivity forward. That would be a success for me.

If you've visited The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai, that restaurant doesn't feel like a restaurant but feels more like you are in someone's home who are the warmest hosts in the world. I want every person to have the same level of interaction with our startup.

Shahrukh Khan & Tom Cruise are supposed to be two of the most hospitable & warmest people to interact with. I want Shahrukh Khan to be the mascot of my startup - one of the most royal people in this world, yet one of the warmest! 🙂